Seduced her boss

Anya worked as a manager in a Moscow company.

She liked the job. One of the main incentives in the work was her immediate superior. She fell in love with him, immediately after seeing the first time at the interview. Maxim Vladimirovich was an energetic, single, young man.

Anya felt that she was not indifferent to him. Recently, he increasingly made her compliments and tried to call to his office for all sorts of trivia. But this did not go further. Waking up in the morning, Anya thought … “Why should I not take the first step myself? After all, it will not be worse, I know that he likes me.” Having taken a shower, she firmly decided that she needed to act.

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With my boyfriend’s friend

This happened a long time ago, but still the memory of this delights me.

That evening I broke up with my young man Valera, with whom I had relations for two years. I was terribly ill from the fact that I could no longer be with this person together, but resentment and anger at this person took over me, drowning out feelings for him, I am from those people who can not forgive betrayal, but also with the best friend , because I can no longer trust this man, whatever relationship would be good before.

This evening, I often found myself thinking that I wanted to repay the same to him. In order to drown out my misfortune, like many people decided to drink some vodka, but I did not feel the relief from the glass, and decided to drink some more, and then another. In rather I was completely drunk.

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Online Dating

When he asked me about toys, I cheated, saying that I had nothing like that.

This was the first time I told him lies. In my defense, I can say that at that moment we didn’t communicate so long and I didn’t want to talk about my intimate pranks. Although, by that time I already admitted that I masturbate several times a day and I don’t see anything like that in it.

I just forgot to mention that twice I started to caress myself after the start of our communication and every time I touch my pussy I think only about him. In general, I knew about acquaintance in the network, and before that, and often made friends with different guys from all over our country, but somehow I didn’t communicate for a long time. Something in Sasha was such that it made me want to write to him. More precisely, I wanted him to write to me.

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Attraction to girls

In my life there are periods when you want to be alone, not to see anyone, not to hear anyone from the male sex.

After weeks of my loneliness, the bell rang called a friend offered to take a walk. They say it’s enough for you to sit at home at the club for a dance.

Her friend’s name was Alice, she was 23, her height was 170 green eyes, red hair, you rarely meet such a girl, she has 2 sizes of breasts and a beautiful figure. I have her only friend, I really like her both externally and mentally, but as a friend. I myself am not tall 160, 47-48 kg, a beautiful breast shape 1 size many like more, but I was embarrassed as it is, blue eyes, blonde natural long hair below the ass with curls from nature, a normal figure.

For the rest of the evening, we are sitting in the club Alice vodka and tonic, I prefer the cocktail. Then Alice met her long-time acquaintance, they began to talk, each told what she did on life. And then something like it pierced me, I was jealous of her, then realizing that I often stare at the girls. In general, they talked, she sat down with us Alice his girlfriend Vera. In general, I offered to drink for an acquaintance, the drunk cocktail who was already 5, I realized that I was starting to get drunk in my head, everything was spinning. It was summer on the street, and here this Belief struck the idea to go to the Dnieper to swim, 1 night we took a bottle of white wine to the Dnieper.

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In the hospital

Right before the rollback, my doctor, Sergey, asked me to go to the treatment room. I, of course, was surprised at such late procedures, but naturally, I listened to my doctor.

As soon as I entered, he pointed his finger at the manipulation table and sentenced me to take off my panties. I did not understand at all what he needed, but complied. As soon as I lay down on the table, he immediately came up to me and parted my hips. He put his hand on my knees and began to sneak upward in smooth massaging movements. How nice it would be, and at the same time embarrassing, you don’t even imagine.

At that moment I didn’t know what to do, and just lay there, receiving truly wonderful pleasures. He had strong fingers, which is basically not surprising, because the surgeon. From his touch, I began to flow. He reached my cleft and, caressing her, more and more deeply thrust fingers into the vagina.

Each time he did it deeper and deeper, and I began to give him completely, and even reciprocate a little. Without noticing it myself, his fingers stopped, and on my own I was already sitting down on his fingers. Finished very quickly. But I understood that this was very little for me. I already wanted him. My hand involuntarily slipped on his fly … I felt for his penis, and began to knead. He quickly took up a fighting position, and I began to lick him, slowly groping for the scrotum. When his cock was completely in my mouth, he took my head and began to fuck, manipulating with his hands. In principle, I was comfortable and pleasant.

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