In my life there are periods when you want to be alone, not to see anyone, not to hear anyone from the male sex.

After weeks of my loneliness, the bell rang called a friend offered to take a walk. They say it’s enough for you to sit at home at the club for a dance.

Her friend’s name was Alice, she was 23, her height was 170 green eyes, red hair, you rarely meet such a girl, she has 2 sizes of breasts and a beautiful figure. I have her only friend, I really like her both externally and mentally, but as a friend. I myself am not tall 160, 47-48 kg, a beautiful breast shape 1 size many like more, but I was embarrassed as it is, blue eyes, blonde natural long hair below the ass with curls from nature, a normal figure.

For the rest of the evening, we are sitting in the club Alice vodka and tonic, I prefer the cocktail. Then Alice met her long-time acquaintance, they began to talk, each told what she did on life. And then something like it pierced me, I was jealous of her, then realizing that I often stare at the girls. In general, they talked, she sat down with us Alice his girlfriend Vera. In general, I offered to drink for an acquaintance, the drunk cocktail who was already 5, I realized that I was starting to get drunk in my head, everything was spinning. It was summer on the street, and here this Belief struck the idea to go to the Dnieper to swim, 1 night we took a bottle of white wine to the Dnieper.

In short, I noticed that Vera was looking at me strangely and smiling, we were only left in the underwear, but I was only in thongs because I don’t wear bras, jumped into the river and started to make fun girls swam far away, I remained on the edge shores do not know how to swim) They shouted supposedly swim to us, I hear how Alice says to Vera she cannot swim.

Vera swam up to me and told me to clasp her legs around the waist, and then at some point I felt her tender beautiful body, it aroused me, after a split second I felt the kiss of her sweet lips, we merged with a kiss and felt the tongue sweetie, she whispered to me that else there in the club she liked and she wanted me, caressing each other, heard Alice approaching, we picked up and made us look like she had never seen before, only smacked with our long eyelashes. Already sitting on the beach, we talked and drank wine, started telling someone that I liked sex. Alice had a phone call, it was her boyfriend Vitalik who was already 3, he asked where she was, that she was bored and wanted to see her.

Before going to the club, they quarreled and had a good time to relax in different corners. They both had burned out and she instantly rushed to him, naturally we went to see her off, I felt terrible tiredness, my legs ached and I wanted to sleep. Having walked her, we also decided to go home, we were almost on the way, the club was not far from our houses, so there was no sense to call a taxi, although at that time I would have called at least a couple of steps.

She lived a bit higher a quarter further. We stopped and started to continue what was on the river, and how do you think, again, the region at that moment came to her brother’s brother and dragged her home. But I think all is not lost, I have not yet said that I no longer like guys, I just always wanted to try sex with a girl, and I also want 2 girls and a guy.

Well, it’s a completely different story.