Right before the rollback, my doctor, Sergey, asked me to go to the treatment room. I, of course, was surprised at such late procedures, but naturally, I listened to my doctor.

As soon as I entered, he pointed his finger at the manipulation table and sentenced me to take off my panties. I did not understand at all what he needed, but complied. As soon as I lay down on the table, he immediately came up to me and parted my hips. He put his hand on my knees and began to sneak upward in smooth massaging movements. How nice it would be, and at the same time embarrassing, you don’t even imagine.

At that moment I didn’t know what to do, and just lay there, receiving truly wonderful pleasures. He had strong fingers, which is basically not surprising, because the surgeon. From his touch, I began to flow. He reached my cleft and, caressing her, more and more deeply thrust fingers into the vagina.

Each time he did it deeper and deeper, and I began to give him completely, and even reciprocate a little. Without noticing it myself, his fingers stopped, and on my own I was already sitting down on his fingers. Finished very quickly. But I understood that this was very little for me. I already wanted him. My hand involuntarily slipped on his fly … I felt for his penis, and began to knead. He quickly took up a fighting position, and I began to lick him, slowly groping for the scrotum. When his cock was completely in my mouth, he took my head and began to fuck, manipulating with his hands. In principle, I was comfortable and pleasant.

For the first time I was lying on the table, and at the same time I was holding a member in my mouth. Soon he realized that I also wanted to have fun, and with one hand he sank down to my wet pussy. His hand began to “torture” me again and I began to moan. I could not shout, so I was completely constrained and published only a lowing. His hand began to move even stronger, and I was about to finish, when suddenly the door to the procedure room opened, and Eugene appeared on the threshold. It was another doctor, but he had nothing to do with me.

I do not know, of course, he accidentally entered, or everything was arranged, but at that time I didn’t really care. I just looked at Eugene and spread my legs wider, waiting for his reaction. Sergey, in turn, held my legs in a position in which Yevgeny would have the best view. Eugene did not stand for a long time, and with quick steps he approached me. Not at all embarrassed, I ran my hand over my wet pussy, and I gave myself up to meet him.

All my thoughts were just that Eugene began to fuck me, while I suck a member of his colleague. Zhenya unzipped his pants and pulled out a member. Let’s just say, a member is not too large, but I was glad and so. He ran them across my genital lips and put it in almost instantly, in one motion. Sergey continued to fuck me in the mouth, but at that time his co-worker was holding me by the hips and pulling me like the last slut. When Zhenka finished, he changed places with Sergey, then again and again. Only I was lying all this time and I was being dragged …

This went on for about an hour. I was already exhausted and I wanted peace of mind, and they thrust their penises into all my holes. Finally, Sergei bes the forces sat on a couch next to me and just jerked me in the eye. His sperm poured all over my face, and I eagerly licked it. Now was the turn of Eugene.

He did the same, after which the doctors said good night and left, and I lay naked on the table for half an hour, regaining consciousness.