When he asked me about toys, I cheated, saying that I had nothing like that.

This was the first time I told him lies. In my defense, I can say that at that moment we didn’t communicate so long and I didn’t want to talk about my intimate pranks. Although, by that time I already admitted that I masturbate several times a day and I don’t see anything like that in it.

I just forgot to mention that twice I started to caress myself after the start of our communication and every time I touch my pussy I think only about him. In general, I knew about acquaintance in the network, and before that, and often made friends with different guys from all over our country, but somehow I didn’t communicate for a long time. Something in Sasha was such that it made me want to write to him. More precisely, I wanted him to write to me.

Each message warmed me from the inside and gave me some kind of vitality. After a month of intercourse, I could not fall asleep if I didn’t touch my always smoothly shaved pussy. I imagined that it was he who caressed me, that it was not my fingers, but his. And when my black toy entered a completely natural size, I thought it was his penis. So, as then I did not finish either before or after.

One orgasm was not enough for me, usually, after our conversations before going to bed, there was so much desire to have sex that I was self-satisfied several times, while doing this in completely different poses. He was a strange guy, more precisely, he was a completely normal and well-mannered man. There are very few today. Unlike my other friends in the network of guys, he didn’t ask for my photos, didn’t pull me into intimate conversations, even though I really wanted to. He just spoke to me and was there at the time when he was needed.

And afterwards she masturbated. At some point, I myself could not stand it and brought it on an intimate topic. He yulil for a long time and did not want to talk about it, but I was persistent. We had a good conversation that time. After we almost every day talked on such topics and I could not imagine myself without it. Such conversations replaced me with sex and men. By the way, I have not slept with anyone for almost four months, which is very unlike me. And when we met Sasha, I completely forgot what real sex is. Yes, he was not needed at all, I was completely satisfied with what I was doing myself.

Over time, we started masturbating simultaneously, through messages. He also confessed to me that he does this with thoughts about me. When he told me about it, I was beside myself with happiness. I was so keen on the idea that somewhere out there such a distant and at the same time close to me person gets pleasure from my photos. After that, I began to send him myself in different poses, clothes and settings. I tried to send only the most outspoken and at the same time not vulgar photos, so as not to pass for some kind of slut who sends naked herself to everyone.

Oh yeah, he never asked for a photo, even after we opened. And I did not ask for his intimate photos, it was quite enough for me that he himself spoke about his member, length, width. Usually the guys say that they have at least the end of the knee hanging down, but Sasha was not the same as everyone else in this matter – he pointed out to me quite an ordinary length. I had partners with much more impressive instruments. The time has come for us to transfer our communication to a new level and start talking via video communication. Of course, I thought about doing this real virtual sex, and even bought a pair of new clothes for this and came up with several images for myself, like the ones shown by the girls from the video chat.

Sasha agreed to phoned in Skype and we first spoke with him to the video. I was all flowing and could not speak normally. Only vino, which I prepared in advance, made me feel a little bit and could adequately shape my thoughts. At our first such phoned, I was in a T-shirt and black panties. Hands and stretched down to the hot pussy, but I restrained myself. During the conversation, nothing like that happened, but after him I did an incredible thing with my pussy.

More precisely – it did something for me beyond. I did not experience such orgasms, and even so much at a time. Of course, over time, we switched to the sex video format, otherwise it couldn’t have been easy, and even then I would caress my crotch with a calm soul and look at him straight into the manhole. I was ready for anything for his sake, but he did not ask for anything like that. He said that it is enough for him to just see me and that’s it. I wanted more and more. Of course, I really wanted to feel Sasha’s member in my pussy, but he was from another city and didn’t talk about a real meeting at all. I had to take this question in my own hands and start a conversation on this topic. We talked and today he must come to me.

This will be our first meeting, I have been preparing for it for two days. I can not think of what to wear, what to say, what to show him. Everything burns inside me and my legs are shaking like a young girl.

I hope that our real meeting will be as cool as virtual ones and we will both enjoy.