First anal sex

Hello. My name is Svetlana.

I have a best friend, whose name is Kate. We are both pretty slim girls, pretty. I would like to tell a story that happened to me and my girlfriend not so long ago. All this happened around the first days of autumn.

We study at the institute in the first year. Only received. So, there was an autumn ball. It would seem that he did not foretell anything. Everything went pretty boring, there was nothing special. My friend and I drank, drank heavily. The group we are not particularly friendly gathered, because no one really talked with anyone. It feels like everyone came here to get drunk. It so happened that we left before the ball ended. I repeat, it was very boring. I went home with Katka.

It was already late, and we had no money for taxis – you know, students. We do not have scholarships, we didn’t even know how much it will be and when. They walked on foot, without haste. We discussed the guys from the group. On the way, we met three guys a little older than us. They were funny, and pretty drunk. Actually, we were no better. They offered us to meet. Somehow I am not particularly happy with such acquaintances, but my friend, to my surprise, agreed, and we began to get acquainted. The guys felt pretty confident. They took us by the arms, and we all went to the nearest kiosk, where we took a beer. We were also treated to beer.

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