Anya worked as a manager in a Moscow company.

She liked the job. One of the main incentives in the work was her immediate superior. She fell in love with him, immediately after seeing the first time at the interview. Maxim Vladimirovich was an energetic, single, young man.

Anya felt that she was not indifferent to him. Recently, he increasingly made her compliments and tried to call to his office for all sorts of trivia. But this did not go further. Waking up in the morning, Anya thought … “Why should I not take the first step myself? After all, it will not be worse, I know that he likes me.” Having taken a shower, she firmly decided that she needed to act.

Going to the pier glass, she took the perfume and with a familiar movement put a drop on her ears, a drop on her wrist and a drop on the pubis. With special care, make up, put on a durable lipstick lips. “Oh, just a vamp woman,” said Anya, turning in front of the mirror and looking around. “Today I will beat him outright!” Pulling on stockings, she thought a bit and decided to wear the most outspoken of her costumes.

He was scarlet. A fitted jacket with a deep neckline and a straight skirt above the knee with a small slit in the front. Wearing shoes on a huge stiletto, Anna appreciatively looked at herself in the mirror … “Mmm … it seems that today I am simply stunning!”. Arriving at work, she decided not to delay her decision. With a confident gait, she went to Maxim’s office, exhaled, straightened her skirt, and opened the door. He sat at the table, quickly typing something on the keyboard. Anya closed the door and turned the key in the lock. Maxim looked up and was dumbfounded; he had never seen Anya like that. She looked so sexy that he simply did not find anything to say.

Anya approached him and sat on the edge of the table, slightly leaning forward. Maxim looked at her without stopping, his heart pounding in his chest. In the neckline of his jacket, he could see a rounded, incredibly appetizing chest. Like an enchanted one, he could not take his eyes off her. Anya took him by the tie and, drawing her close to her, began passionately kissing him on the lips, he reciprocated. His hands began greedily caressing her body. Pulling back slightly from Maxim, she took off her shoes and put her feet on the arms of the chair. The skirt rose slightly, and he saw lace gum stockings. A sweet excitement current pierced his body. Anya jerked her shirt with a sharp movement, the buttons scattered in different directions. Maxim rushed from the chair, tore off her jacket and began to cover her body with greedy and hot kisses.

She moaned. Unable to restrain himself anymore, Max quickly unbuttoned his pants and in one sharp movement entered his womb. “Oh ….. yes !!!”, Anya groaned. He entered her deeply and abruptly, plunging into her hot, moist flesh. She rhythmically moved her round hips. Her legs were pressed to her chest, and this allowed to enter into it the entire length of the penis. Maxim has accelerated the pace. A hot jet of sperm shot Anya, she screamed and sharply arched from the stormy orgasm that pierced her. “Honey, oh my dear Anya, you are just a miracle,” he kissed her neck, breasts, sucked her nipples. Her hand slid down, gently stroking the testicles. I took the penis with my hand and, after caressing it a bit, I felt that it began to harden. “Sit on a chair,” she told Maxim. Sliding down, began to caress the tongue velvety head of the penis, barely touching the hot tongue wriggled around it.

Pulling the skin gently down, she held her tongue under the vertical fold of the head. Maxim leaned back in his chair and groaned. Anya took the head with her mouth and slowly began to suck on it, holding the member in her hand and moving it up and down. With her other hand, she began to caress the testicles, crotch and buttocks, causing a tremor of pleasure in Maxim. A droplet of semen appeared on the tips of the penis, Anya licked her tongue. Grabbing a member of his lips, pulled him in half, then, without weakening the vacuum, pulled him out of his mouth. Having done this several times, she accelerated the pace.

Maxim groaned, and Anya felt a member pulsate, pulled her head deeper, and a fountain of sperm shot into her mouth. Swallowing her, and licked her lips, she continued to caress the penis. Circling the tongue clockwise and counterclockwise, while sliding up and down along it. Maxim lifted her and kissed her lips. “You’re a goddess!” He whispered. Both contented and happy looked at each other and burst out laughing. “And how do I work now in this form? Shalunishka! Oh, I have an idea. I call a taxi and we go to me. Do you mind?” He asked Anya. “I agree!” She replied.

Slipping through the door, they quickly walked down the corridor and out into the street.

Taxi was waiting for them.