This happened a long time ago, but still the memory of this delights me.

That evening I broke up with my young man Valera, with whom I had relations for two years. I was terribly ill from the fact that I could no longer be with this person together, but resentment and anger at this person took over me, drowning out feelings for him, I am from those people who can not forgive betrayal, but also with the best friend , because I can no longer trust this man, whatever relationship would be good before.

This evening, I often found myself thinking that I wanted to repay the same to him. In order to drown out my misfortune, like many people decided to drink some vodka, but I did not feel the relief from the glass, and decided to drink some more, and then another. In rather I was completely drunk.

After a while, an SMS message came to my mobile … it was from Valera. He wrote that he was very sorry that this would not happen again, and asked him to forgive him and come back to him again … I was well drunk because under the influence of alcohol I already thought it bad, on the one hand I was glad that he wrote to me, because as I I do not take offense at him but still I am very accustomed to Valera.

And on the other, I wanted to send him away with his “girlfriend”. I was terribly nervous. But I decided not to hurry with the decision … In a couple of hours I wanted to smoke, but as an evil bundle there were no cigarettes left. I went out into the street and went to buy a cigarette in the direction of the store, which was already closed at that time … On the way home I started not so much sober.

Near my house I saw Valery’s employee Yuri … he lived in the next house from me … he was already on his way to go home … when he saw me he was kindly greeted, but having noticed my tears, he began to ask me that, yes, how. Well, on feelings, with a terrible roar, I told him everything, and he told me, he supported me, and reassured me, I stopped crying, asked Yuri for a cigarette. Seeing that I froze, offered me warm up in his car, and I did not refuse.

Once in the car, he didn’t stop comforting me, for example, he began telling me about his problems, that my young man did him too, when he set up … I almost completely sobered up and Yuri’s words stopped comforting me, I started to talk through tears how I hate Valera, and wanted him to feel how unpleasant betrayal … Yuri continued to babble, I had already stopped listening to him. Yuri opened the glove compartment, and offered me a bottle of cognac from there, offered to drink, so that everything would come to my senses, and I agreed … after the fourth glass I calmed down and weakened. Yuri started back to me to prove something … but on a different topic, saying how lonely he was and that he would very much like female affection.

Soon I noticed that he was increasingly trying to put his hands on my knees, I initially unlocked, but then I didn’t even notice how his hands were under my skirt. He began to passionately kiss me on the neck, and sank lower and lower, exposing my breasts, he began to suck greedily, and bite my nipples, and his fingers were already naughty in my pussy. It was so good that I didn’t even think to open it, and then the thought that in a few minutes I would repay Valera with the same coin aroused even more passion in me. Tearing up the thin thongs that were on me, he forcefully inserted his penis into the vagina, Yuri began to moan with pleasure, which terribly turned me on. He did it as if he was reading my thoughts.

I asked from above. And I jumped on a partner like a horsewoman on a horse. Yuri stretched his hands to my nipples, and began to rub them hard, which excited me to the limit. He did everything so professionally that I soon began to feel the approach of an orgasm. I was afraid to get off and involuntarily began to drink nails on Yuri’s shoulders, and after a few seconds I felt blissfully pleasant muscle contractions of the vagina, I started to shout loudly in the cabin, my whole body trembled convulsively in orgasm, not controlling myself at all, I cut off the seat upholstery.

After that, I fell on exhausted Yuri, but I felt a contraction and warmth in the vagina, and then I realized that he had finished in me – this warm stream of partner’s sperm poured. After the orgy, Yuri took me home, after which we repeated the process again. Going into the bedroom, he threw me on the bed. I wanted something new and asked him in the ass, and Yura was not against it. I immediately took out a tube of cream that lay in the nightstand and gave it to Yuri, so that he smeared my tight hole for painless penetration. He began to gently massage my anus penetrating my fingers, lubricating the walls, thereby developing the hole.

Then he smeared his penis, and began to introduce it into me. As soon as he touched his head in the ring of the anus, I experienced wonderful feelings that cannot be described in words. He gradually introduced the head and then a millimeter, he went into me for the most tomatoes. I really like it feel like a member in the anus.

And I’m not starting to moan loudly. Yuri rhythmically fucked me, I moved my ass to meet him.

I could not hold back for a long time and started to finish, my muscles contracted and under this pressure Yura filled my ass with thick sperm.